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Vinho Verde

A bit of history

Portugal is often described as a small garden by the sea. Knowing the Minho region, where Vinho Verde (Green Wine) is grown, one is forced to agree with the proposition. Green hills facing the Atlantic ocean, either sunbathing over the summer, or literally bathing under the winter rain – always beaten by a cool northern wind.

What to expect?

Unique wines. Really.

Low in both alcohol and calories, fruity and chilled, Vinho Verde (‘Green Wine’) is, in our humble opinion, the mandatory centerpiece in any esplanade, next to salads, fish, seafood – or simply pairing it with a nice chat between friends.

The talents of Vinho Verde (‘Green Wine’) don’t end in its lightness and freshness (although those are brilliant per se). Vinho Verde’s acidity and body, especially in red ones, has been enjoyed by those who have it with the robust, fatty local Minho cuisine – just think about the wonderful marriage between Lamprey “Bordalesa” and a large bowel of Red Vinho Verde. Beauty and the Beast, right?


Usually lively rubi, crowned by read foam. These are young wines – and intended to be drunk soon – and their acidity gives them quite a bit of freshness – which is better appreciated when we follow the recommended temperature of 12º-15º C. These wines pair very nicely with read meats, especially when roasted or grilled. Low in alcohol, reds usually have between 8,5%-11,5% abv.

Common varieties: Alicante Bouschet, Baga, Doçal, Doce, Espadeiro Mole, Grand Noir, Labrusco, Mourisco, Pical, Sousão, Touriga Nacional, Trincadeira (aka. Tinta-Amarela), Verdelho Tinto and Verdial Tinto


White Vinho Verde is getting noticed throughout the world. Its fruity and less acid than Red. The recommended service temperature is 8º-12º C., so it’s a perfect match for a warm summer day. White Vinho Verde usually have a citric, slightly golden colour. The most popular variety is Alvarinho.
Common varieties: Pintosa, Caínho, Cascal, Diagalves, Sercial (aka. Esgana-Cão), Esganinho, Esganoso, Fernão Pires (aka. Maria-Gomes), Folgasão, Godelho, Lameiro, Malvasia Fina, Malvasia Rei, São Mamede, Semilão and Tália (aka. Douradinha)

Adapted from: CVR Vinho Verde,Wines of Portugal

Vinho Verde