Rum is an alcoholic beverage obtained from the alcoholic fermentation of molasses and other derivatives of sugar production and subsequent distillation. Made from fresh crushed sugarcane or its molasses, the drink began to be appreciated in the 17th century, when it was publicised as a powerful medicine capable of even “exorcising the demons of the body”. It is also said that its high alcoholic content (35 to 55 degrees GL) made it famous among pirates from the 17th century onwards, encouraging them before battle. It served as a bargaining chip to acquire African slaves.

It can be made in two different ways: agricultural and industrial. The former is obtained directly from fermented cane juice, and the latter is obtained from molasses. The distillation can be done in alembic or distillation column. In both, the result is a crystalline drink. As for the golden colour found in some types of the drink, it is due to ageing in oak barrels or the addition of caramel colouring. The aged ones are much more expensive and, for their peculiar and characteristic taste, should be consumed neat or with ice. Rum can also be a mixture of two or more types, such as agricultural and industrial, still and column distilled, new and aged, and different combinations between these types. Rum is the main ingredient of many famous drinks, such as the piña colada, the daiquiri, the banana daiquiri, the mojito and the cuba libre. It is produced mainly in the Caribbean islands. By Wikipedia