Privacy policy

Your privacy is important to us: the data collection and its treatment were outlined to be in accordance with the Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council, on the 27th April 2016, on individuals’ data protection and the free movement of data and repealing Directive 95/46/CE (General Data Protection Regulation).

This Privacy Policy explains:

  • Which personal data are collected, treated and why we do it;
  • How do we use that information;
  • The options we provide, including the access mode and information removal.

SUPER GRAPES WINES & SPIRITS Lda. may unilaterally and at any moment change, add or rectify this Privacy Policy without prior notice, subsequently notifying their users.

1. Responsible for the personal data treatment

Elísio Alexandre Correia dos Santos is the responsible for treating the data. You may contact the responsible for the data treatment, on working days from 9 to 18, via or +351 938 045 557.

2. The legal basis of personal data collection and its treatment

Accessing and using Vinha, its content and/or our services, the user accepts and allows freely and expressly through positive and unequivocal act, authorise that any data requested or optionally given, to be collected and treated by SUPER GRAPES WINES & SPIRITS Lda. under the terms foreseen. Using Vinha assume that the users know and accept the terms and conditions of this Privacy Policy.

3.1 Personal data treatment purpose, vital to the functioning of the economic activity.

The personal data you provide to Vinha has as its purpose:

  • Billing (Name, address, tax number and email)
  • Payment transaction and delivery (Delivery address, Contact numbers and Email)
  • Customer Service (Name, Contact numbers, Email, Delivery address).

We consider all these purposes as legitimate interests to the proper compliance of the service hired.

Marketing: Email; we use this medium to let you know our promotional actions.

For this purpose we need your free, informed and clear consent when registering or editing the given information.

3.2 Storage time of data

We store the personal data according to the storage time required by the current regulation.
We store your personal data used for marketing until you cancel your authorisation or ask us to cancel them, under the terms of the current legislation

4. Transfer of data to third parties

Vinha doesn’t collect or process any personal data or information obtained through the site for its exploitation, in any form, by third parties.

It’s communicated with partners notably related to:

  • Accounting company for the processing required by law.
  • InvoiceXpress Billing Software.
  • Employees under a service agreement or transport company subcontracted by SUPER GRAPES WINES & SPIRITS Lda. to fulfil the Delivery Operation.
  • Online Platform Service.

5. Automated Decisions

Whenever you use Vinha, information related to your visit is automatically collected (including IP address, “page views” and interactions).

6. Your personal data treatment safety

EACS, Lda. has technical measures that aim to ensure the safety of information and its protection against any deliberate or accidental act which could result in manipulation, damage, loss or non-authorised use. In spite of our efforts, we warn that the Internet may not be a safe place of communication. In fact, the information transmitted through the Internet may be intercepted by others.

Therefore, we cannot guarantee total safety and authenticity of the information sent to us by these means. By using this site and entering information on this site, you expressly accept that you do that in accordance with your expressed wish and assuming the corresponding risk.

7. The right of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition (ARCO) of the personal data.

In accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation, the data subject has the right to request the responsible for the personal data treatment, to access your data as well as its rectification or deletion. The data subject has also the right to claim in certain circumstances the limitation of the personal data treatment as well as the right to oppose the treatment and the right to data portability.

The data subject has also the right to withdraw the consent given to the personal data treatment at any time without compromising the lawfulness of the treatment based on the previously given consent. You can exercise those rights of access, rectification, deletion, limitation of the treatment, opposition to the treatment, portability or withdrawal of consent with SUPER GRAPES WINES & SPIRITS Lda. through written communication to the following address: Av. 1º Maio Ed. Panorama A Subcave Dtª – 6270-251 São Romão, Portugal.

8. You can exercise your right to withdraw the given consent by sending an email to

9. The right to address a complaint to a supervisory authority according to the RGPD.

The data subject has the right to address a complaint to the competent supervisory authority, in this case, the National Data Protection Commission.


What are they:
Cookies are small pieces of data sent to your computer/device when you visit a website. Cookies help the website to store and recover data about your browsing habits in order to customize the navigation according to your preferences.

What are they used for:
For helping us determine the usefulness, the interest and the number of uses of the website. They also allow to navigate faster and in an efficient way without having to enter the same information over and over.

EU companies must obtain explicit consent to use cookies and provide clear opt-outs options to the users. It’s no longer permitted to impose conditional access to a website by accepting the use of tracking cookies.


Session cookies:
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The collected information by these cookies is used to analyse traffic patterns across the site, which allows improving its content and usefulness.

Analysis cookies:
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Advertising cookies:
These cookies enable us to manage efficiently the offer of the advertising space on the webpage, adapting the ad content to the user’s browser profile.

Own cookies:
Used for the shop’s reservation to keep the shop selected by the user.

Session cookies:

  • Associate with the shopping cart what you choose;
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Third-party cookies:

  • Used to recognise users and sessions;
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Other cookies:

  • Analytical web and videos;
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How to disable cookies
Despite the benefits from the use of cookies to you, they can be disabled if you wish, depending on your browser: