Red Wine
Villa Wolf
Pinot Noir Dry 2022, 75cl

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 Serve at 14º-16º



O Produtor, tasting note published in October 11th 2023

A fine Pinot Noir full of character, characterized by the mild climate and the warm mineral soils of the Pfalz. A long aging, partly in small oak barrels, gives it the typical Burgundian elegance and silkiness. Paired with a wonderful fruit aroma, it becomes a smooth food companion.

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Villa Wolf

In 1996, Ernst Loosen took over the J.L. Wolf winery in the Pfalz region, rich in tradition since 1756.

Villa Wolf wines originate from vineyards located in Wachenheim and Forst, in the northern Pfalz, on the edge of the Mittelhaardt. The importance of these vineyards for the production of exceptional wines was recognized almost two centuries ago, in 1828, by the Royal Bavarian Government, which included them in a vineyard classification system similar to the Grand Cru system in Burgundy.

The unique regional climate of the Mittelhaardt, protected by the Haardt and Wasgau mountains, is very mild and warm, with mineral-rich soils of limestone, basalt, and sandstone. The considerable age of the vines is essential for the ideal terroir for producing dry wines rich in extract that can only be produced with very ripe grapes.

All grapes are selectively hand-picked, with only the ripe and healthy grapes being transformed into dry wines.

Top vineyards, old vines, and low yields form the basis for the expressive, terroir-driven wines of Villa Wolf; first-class dry wines in the Pfalz that complement the fruity Rieslings of Dr. Loosen, produced by Ernst Loosen in the Mosel.

Allergens information

Contains sulphites.

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Weingut Dr. Loosen

When in 1988, Ernst F. Loosen took over the management of the family-owned business with over 200 years of history, he had already traveled the world and visited the most prestigious wine producers in search of the secret behind the greatest wines, with the aim of producing world-class wines himself. These journeys of discovery inspired his own philosophy that great wines are the perfect expression of the soil, climate, and grape variety.
It is in the heritage of his ancestors, in the old vineyards located in the Mosel Valley, that he found the material he needed to produce exceptional and complex wines, classified as “Grosse Lage” (equivalent to Grand Cru in Burgundy). Today, Weingut Dr. Loosen is the standard-bearer for a rediscovered German Riesling culture and a member of the VDP (Association of German Quality Wineries).
“Enjoying a great wine is a unique pleasure, both sensually and intellectually. The aromatic and textural sensations in a bottle of wine capture a whole cosmos, from the change of seasons to the distinctive terroir of a vineyard, the passion of the winemaker, and the distinctive stamp of the vintage. Wine is a historical record of the regional and cultural information collected in the grapes at a particular point in time, delivered directly to your glass. To achieve this marvel of humans working with nature, all the great winemakers I have met started with a clear vision of what their wines should express before the first grape is picked. For them, individual terroir triumphs over technology. And quality always comes before quantity. Great wines grow from great passion and dedication, and from clear convictions that are realized without compromise.
(…) That ability to transmit a visceral connection to a people, place, and time is what sets wine apart from any other beverage.” – Ernst Loosen


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