Wine Hour at Home

Wine Hour at Home was born,
A project that believes a bottle of wine is always better when shared – even in quarantine.
Since the 18th March, the Portuguese were able to join – in spirit, albeit virtually – with a glass of wine in hand, despite the quarantine imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic that put much of the population at home.

Thanks to the Wine Hour at Home project, a partnership between the Chefs Agency and Martins Wine Advisor, we were all able to relax for a moment and escape to enjoy a good glass of wine in the community – with the extra benefit ofthe presence of the producer.

You only need to be connected to the Instagram live of Wine Hour at Home, at 5pm, enjoy wine and enjoy a healthy conviviality.

The idea was born from a conversation between ‘wine advisor’ Cláudio Martins and the Chefs Agency’s events director, Adriana Fournier, at the beginning of the quarantine imposed on many families in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic. “We were at the beginning of the quarantine period for the coronavirus, and we commented that we needed a social moment, which could be around wine, that would unite people and focus on more personal aspects of producers, wines and winemakers, and not so much on technical aspects,” explains Claúdio Martins. “A moment of Wine After Work made perfect sense to us. Even because shared bottles of wine are the best, and because we need more than ever moments of relaxation to survive the social anxiety of the moment”, adds Adriana Fournier, Event Director of Chefs Agency joining a chef to give tips of a good dish, accompanied by a quality wine is our commitment.

The frequency of this virtual conviviality format, always with a different guest wine producer, will be from 2 to 3 times a week. The producer is invited to open a special bottle, taste it and comment on it, and the ‘wine advisor’ Claúdio Martins and the ‘sommelier’ Rodolfo Tristão will give their ‘inputs’ – the first with a point of view closer to the final consumer, the second with a more technical ‘know-how’. The participants will be able to put their doubts to the producer, share photos of what they are drinking, and of course, be accompanied when drinking their glass of wine. Everyone is welcome, regardless of their degree of wine knowledge.

The wines are communicated before the episode and can be orderer at, find the wines here They are delivered here in 24 hours, so that those who want to taste them at home, accompanying our program.

But first of all, the invitation is for everyone in the world to open a bottle of wine at 5pm, and to to toast together, ask questions to the producer, and share this moment around the wine. In short, the invitation is to be together.

About Chefs Agency

With 10 years in the national market and a strategic international presence, Chefs Agency is specialized in gastronomy communication, with great emphasis on the wine area. Based in Lisbon (Portugal), this communication agency aims to increase the notoriety of its clients through public relations, strategic events and consultancy in the areas of “food, wine, travel and lifestyle”. Working with some of the best chefs, restaurants, wine producers and hotels in the country, Chefs Agency builds strategic and relevant relationships thanks to a valuable network of contacts that it has conquered over 10 years of work.

About Martins Wine Advisor

Created by Claúdio Martins, wine advisor, this dedicated and focused wine service promotes new products, introducing them to new markets, offering specialised advice to companies or individuals. Claúdio Martins advises oenophiles around the world to acquire or collect certain wines, educating them about the existing offer.