Le Breuil
Origine Single Malt, 70cl

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O Produtor, tasting note published in February 4th 2023

Color: Pale golden hue.
Palate: Initially, there are notes of sweet almonds and flax seeds; subsequently enhanced by flavors of lime blossom, vanilla, and stone fruits. Natural sweetness. Freshness and roundness coat the palate.
Nose: Characterized by hints of peach, pear, and hazelnut, with delicate wood and nuances of fresh malt.

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Le Breuil

The Origine Single Malt is a refined and elegant whisky.

Perhaps because, in times past, the estate housed a cereal mill… Château du Breuil decided to create the Single Malts of Château du Breuil, a range of whiskies born from exceptional expertise in blending and a true mastery of distillation.

Made with Golden Promise barley, sourced from the fields of maltster James Fawcett in the region of Aberford, Yorkshire Wolds, Driffield.

Aged in new French oak barrels, used bourbon barrels, and used Blue Swift barrels (200 – 265 liters).

World Whiskies Awards Gold Medal – 2021

Allergens information

Contains sulphites.

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Spiriterie Française, Château du Breuil Normandie

The story of Spiriterie Française, Château du Breuil Normandie, is a narrative of heritage. The brand has its origins and roots in the history of the prestigious Château du Breuil.

A true symbol of Normandy, the estate has been preserved for over 400 years by great families who have continually evolved it.

Currently, Château du Breuil is an internationally recognized brand for the quality of its Calvados AOC Pays d’Auge and the splendor of its location, listed as a Historical Monument.

Today, it is Roberto Montesano who is writing the new chapter of this prestigious history. A challenge as fascinating as it is audacious. In this adventure, he relies on an inspired team that shares a passion for spirits and aspires to revitalize the allure of Château du Breuil, now developing the production of Rums and Whiskys.

Spiriterie Française, Château du Breuil Normandie, is thus a subtle blend of 67 years of history and future ambitions, the meeting of several identities with complementary paths and philosophies.

A quintessence of styles that lends itself to enriching the aromatic contours of spirits to offer new sensory experiences.


Château du Breuil S.A.S
14 130 – LE BREUIL EN AUGE – France