Buen Vato
Tequila Blanco, 70cl

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O Produtor, tasting note published in July 28th 2023

Nose: Clear tones of cooked agave in beautiful balance with herbs and notes of citrus fruits and cucumber.
Palate: Smooth and sweet with a medium body. Finishes with a slight bitterness reminiscent of chocolate. Exits gently with spicy elements but with the clear sweetness of agave.

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Buen Vato

The world’s first tequila in a 94% recycled paper bottle; 84% reduction in carbon footprint; 6 times less energy consumed.

“Beautifully floral, bursting with sweet grassy aromas and delightful savory tones. Seductively viscous, the palate reveals notes of toasted corn and a whiff of smoke, paving the way to an elegant finish, with a lingering citrus zing. Superb!” – Sip Awards

Tequila Buen Vato is made from Agave Weber Blue that has matured for eight years in the limestone-rich soil of the Tequila Valley, near the town of Amatitán, Jalisco. The Real family, 5th generation agaveros, has been working the land in the same fields where their horses feed and children play, therefore, without the overuse of herbicides and pesticides. The taste of this Agave is typical of the region, rich in sugars and citrus notes.

The Agave is cooked in a pressure cooker (autoclave) and slowly fermented without any accelerator. Distillation is performed in stainless steel pot stills. Tequila Buen Vato is high in Agave, but not 100% Agave as, to minimize environmental impact, the tequila is bottled in Europe. There are no taste modifiers, such as glycerin and sugars. Taste is valued as much as sustainability. Embrace the sustainable revolution and be an inspiring example.

Gold Medal – SIP Awards 2023
96/100 – IWSC
4.5/5 stars – Excellent – Difford’s Guide 2022
Nominee Brand of Promise – Tequila Aficionado


Medalha de Ouro – SIP Awards 2023
96/ 100 – IWSC
4,5/5 estrelas – Excelente – Difford’s Guide 2022
Nominee Brand of Promise – Tequila Aficionado

Allergens information

Contains sulphites.

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Buen Vato

Buen Vato was founded in Sweden by environmental engineers from AliasSmith, a company that has been distributing Mexican spirits throughout Europe since 2004; a group of engineers and creatives who constantly participate in programs related to social performance and carbon footprint, notably in the Swedish beverage industry’s climate initiative (DKI) to improve the carbon footprint of the distribution network.

This made them think about packaging and the environmental impact of glass bottles. “We knew there was a solution to reduce the environmental impact of the industry as it is today. And we wanted to prove to the world that even something as traditional as Tequila could be innovative, without sacrificing quality. It was clear that something needed to be done. The industry needed a Buen Vato!”

For Buen Vato, a truly sustainable value chain is one that supports producers, ecosystems, and communities, structuring business practices around the three pillars of sustainability: economic, environmental, and social sustainability.

Currently, the Tequila Blanco they launched has revolutionized the market by being the first in a bottle made of 94% recycled paper and is distributed, in addition to Sweden, in Italy, Poland, Denmark, Holland, Austria, Malta, Greece, Portugal, Norway, the UK, and Hungary.

The innovative proposal of a tequila that values sustainability and flavor with equal importance has allowed Buen Vato to continue conquering markets and consumers interested in quality products and the environment.

Upplandsgatan 49, 7tr SE-113 28 Stockholm