Sempuku Junmaishu
Junmai, 72cl

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O Produtor, tasting note published in December 16th 2023

Polishing: 65% (means that 35% of the rice was removed).
Color: colorless.
Nose: steamed rice, yellow melon, apple, green apple, white flower, hyacinth.
Palate: balanced, light, freshness, a touch of bitterness and acidity.
Finish: short, spicy.

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Sempuku Junmaishu

Produced by the house of Mr. Miyake Honten, established in 1856 and recognized throughout Japan, Sempuku Junmaishu Junmai sake has a light chestnut aroma and is ideal for discovering sake, pairing well with any type of everyday dish!

Approachable, it presents different aspects depending on the tasting temperature: it will be light and discreet when enjoyed chilled, between 8º-13ºC, but will exhibit bolder flavors and acidity when warmed (38-43°C).

Try it accompanying a noodle salad or a melon salad, grilled meats, seaweed salad, stew, oysters.

The Junmai category corresponds to sake produced traditionally from a blend of rice, water, and koji (Koji is cooked rice and/or soybeans that have been inoculated with a fermentation culture, Aspergillus oryzae, allowing alcoholic fermentation). Additionally, no distilled alcohol has been added, leaving the rice polishing rate to the discretion of the producer.

Allergens information

Contains sulphites.

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Miyake Honten

The Miyake Honten house was founded in 1856 in the city of Kure, a former center of naval industry in Japan.

Having started producing sake in 1902, it received high recognition in the 1920s for the quality of its products, which managed to withstand over 220 days of cruising and several crossings of the equator without any alteration.

In the 1930s, it became one of the most important sake houses in Japan. With the Sempuku brand, its sake continues to be a reference today, under the watchful eye of its owner, Mr. Miyake.