Red Wine
Von Winning
Royale 2019, 75cl

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 Serve at 16º-18º


O Produtor, tasting note published in April 23rd 2021

Pinot Noir Royale is the royal entry to our Pinot Noirs.
Natural fermentation, 18 months of ageing and natural
malolactic fermentation in barriques (1/3 new) confer the
wine with silky tannins, great depth and wonderful
succulence. Elegant!

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Von Winning

Intensive and sustainable work in the vineyards allows us to harvest highly aromatic and healthy grapes. This valuable fruit is vinified with great patience and left untreated in our historic winery. We ferment our relatively cloudy musts without artificial cooling, in oak barrels of various sizes, using their native yeasts. In this way, we preserve the precious phenolic compounds that shape the aroma and impart a deep and complex structure to our wines. Subsequently, the wines are moved only once on their way into the bottle.
In this manner, grapes from significant vineyard sites become special wines that express the unique style of our house.

Allergens information

Contains sulphites.

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Von Winning

The fact that this estate is crafting some of the very best dry wines in Germany is no fluke, rather a result of nearly obsessive winemaker Stephan Attman’s commitment to both dedicated cultivation of Deidesheim and Forst’s best sites and meticulous work in the cellar. Von Winning maintains some of the oldest parcels in Grosses Gewächs vineyards smattered across Forst, Deidesheim, and Ruppertsberg. Attman’s every decision is informed by great enthusiasm and experiences at estates in the Cote d’Or and abroad. For example, Attman’s newer vines are planted at a very high vine density- 9500 vines per hectare, as opposed to the typically under 5000. This creates competition amongst the vines, forcing the roots to grow deep, naturally reducing yields. Attman has adopted the single cane trellising system, prevalent in Burgundy, and Grosses Gewächs wines ferment in 500mL French barrels. Von Winning practices organic and sustainable viticulture.