Red Wine
Quinta Alta
Qalt Unique 2020, 75cl
DOC Douro

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 Serve at 14º-16º

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O Produtor, tasting note published in April 15th 2023

Oops! This wine was born like this! Unique! Harvest at the limit of ripeness, and there we decided that if nature intended it to be so, it will be so. "Let the grapes - healthy and
into the winery and let's get to work!". Good pomade, full of fruit and vigour. Intense ruby colour, invades the mouth with explosions of intense red fruits,
a perfect balance between acidity and Duriense tannins that guarantee all the elegance of the live fruit in the mouth.
Drink up and be taken to the Douro terraces where you can feel all the intensity of the scent this wonderful region has
in springtime.
Qalt Unoaked is the simplicity of grapes in a bottle of wine.

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Quinta Alta

To produce Quinta Alta Qualt Unique, we harvested the wine on September 23, 2020, in crates of up to 20 kg, manual selection on mat. After destemming, follows straight to the wine press, with controlled temperature for maceration with pre-fermentative foot treading also with controlled temperature. 100% of the wine goes through fermentation

Allergens information

Contains sulphites.

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Quinta Alta

Here, only the strongest, most resilient and courageous resist the trials of this arid land, where the sap springs forth in the form of still and fortified wines, of an unequalled quality and recognised all over the world.
The Douro is also known for being the cradle of extraordinary women who were ahead of their time. It is therefore the ideal place for the birth of an unusual wine brand led by a woman – Fernanda Zuccaro.
QALT is the reflection of this struggling, enterprising and audacious woman who, coming from the other side of the Atlantic, wishes to ally the ancestral history of the Douro to the modernity of the new markets.
An unconditional lover of international wines, she admires above all the tenacity of the women of the Douro – whose pinnacle is D. Maria Antónia Ferreira – and for this reason, she makes a point of honouring all the women of this land with her distinctive, elegant and above all audacious wines.
Its white, rosé and red wines have already taken their first steps on the national and Brazilian markets. Now, like an odyssey of the discoveries, it wants to conquer the world!


Quinta Alta
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