Choosing a wine when in a restaurant can be a little confusing and uncomfortable sometimes. To make it easier we should take into consideration 7 steps that can help us making a good impression.

1. know your limit

We should always have an idea of how much we want to spend in a bottle or if we go for a glass of wine instead.

2. know your company

When having a meal with 2, 5 or 10 people we have to know how many are going to drink wine and what is their preferences is mandatory. Asking if they prefer white or red wine (or what is their favorite wine region, for example) is always a good practice.

3. the dish counts too

Harmonizing the best wine with food can also be something complicated. The food is definitely something important to consider. To make everyone happy you can always opt for a sparkling wine. Or, why not to order a wine to have with starters and another one for the meal?

4. consult who really knows

Ask for helt to the restaurant’s waiter. There is no better person to help. He know the wine list perfectly and can help you to choose the perfect wine for the moment.

5. understand if the wine is in good condition

If the cork was not shown to you, ask to see it. It is helpful to verify if it is not dry or broken. To be damaged might be a sign some problem with the wine or that it was not stored in the best way.

To smell and to taste the wine before letting it to be served to everyone is also important. Check if the wine is clean and shiny; on the nose try to feel weird aromas like vinegar or cork, for example. On the palate, verify if it is warm. If it is, ask to a new bottle or wine.

6. Pair with water

Never ask soda to pair with wine. Instead, water is always a better solution, still or sparkling.

7. enjoy the moment and your company

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column by joão guedes