The scenario isn’t new: you’re planning a feast with friends and you’re unsure about the quantity of bottles… Does the word Magnum sound familiar to you?

The VINHA gives you a clue:

Nowadays, wine bottles come in all sizes, besides the standard 750ml bottle that we easily find on shelves and in restaurants.

To simplify logistics for diners at a feast, it’s best to turn to larger bottles, the most common being Magnum bottles, which hold 1.5L, double the size of a regular bottle, or even Jeroboam – better known as Double Magnum with its 3L capacity.

Why such large bottles? Because there are plenty of reasons…

For those looking to expand their wine cellar collection, opting for these types of bottles might be a good idea. The wine will have better aging potential – because the evolution is slower and more gradual, providing stabilization and uniformity – and its aromatic and gustatory characteristics will increase, making it more interesting in its complexity. It could also be a good investment.

Higher-quality wines will always be better protected and preserved, due to the thicker glass, which allows the wine to withstand sudden temperature changes better. And the best part is that, when consumed, they’ll taste delightful.

For these reasons and more, Magnum is the ideal size for feasting with friends – especially because, despite their large volume, they’re comfortable to handle, as they’re designed not to be overly heavy.

In addition to all these advantages, you can also expect compliments from diners, because sharing a bottle like this really adds flair to the occasion!

Wine Regards!