Although Carnival at the Sambódromo (Rio de Janeiro) is the most famous in the world, this celebration is not originally Brazilian. In fact, its origin is uncertain, but there are several theories that attempt to explain its creation. At Vinha we believe that a glass of Wine is involved in the beginning of this bash.

And, indeed, it is! One theory dictates that Carnival is linked to Wine – it is based on Roman Mythology, more specifically, on the homage to Bacchus*, the God of Wine.

In ancient times, people gathered on this occasion to celebrate the arrival of spring, fertility and the aforementioned God at a feast marked by inebriety, dance, music, fantasies, art and “surrendering to the pleasures of the flesh.” In this way, Wine was a fundamental element of the revelry!

Finally, the name Carnival comes from the Latin “Carnis Vale” which means “farewell to the flesh”, connected to the period of deprivation of flesh that was to be carried out during the time of Lent, as determined by the Catholic Church. The good news is that the wines marketed at Vinha do not have meat and, in addition, you can also find a selection of Wines ideal to accompany fish dishes.


* Bacchus – Roman God of Wine. The panther, the pitcher, the vine, and a bunch of grapes were his symbols. Deity derived from the Greek God Dionysus.