Añejo (Double Barrel), 70cl

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O Produtor, tasting note published in November 18th 2022

Color: Brilliant golden amber.
Bouche: Complex, full-bodied with roasted agave, a hint of almonds, wild honey, and vanilla.
Final: Bright with oak and vanilla essence.

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An ultra-premium craft tequila produced in small batches, of exceptional quality and avant-garde character. A full-bodied, elegant, and incredibly smooth tequila.

Tequila Satryna Añejo is artisanally produced in small batches using Agave Tequilana Weber, steam-cooked, sourced from the finest fields near Guadalajara, in a unique balance between the age-old art of making tequila and a modern distillation process, providing it with maximum purity and distinctive smoothness.

Distillation and Aging: This Añejo Tequila is aged for 12 months in French oak barrels and then further aged for an additional 12 months in American oak barrels, resulting in a rare tequila with a fully complex character. The manufacturing and aging process of Satryna tequila is one of the best-kept secrets passed down through several generations of tequila producers.

Terroir and Agave: The agave used grows in the fertile fields in the “Vale da Tequila” in the Jalisco region. Each plant is meticulously selected, hand-harvested, and only processed for Satryna tequila production after reaching 8 to 12 years of age.

The artisanal bottles are produced with an extraordinary degree of attention to detail. Its impressive design pays tribute to the Mexican folk festival “El Dia de los Muertos.” Each bottle is manually numbered and signed by the Maestro Tequilero.

Originally produced only for personal use, it is now affectionately shared with all tequila lovers.

Allergens information

Contains sulphites.

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Satryna is an artisanal agave spirits company that handcrafts the world’s finest tequila and mezcal. We are as passionate about our exceptional quality as we are about offering ultra-luxury with eclectic and bold individuality. Each handcrafted bottle receives extraordinary attention to detail, ensuring a truly unparalleled experience.

Our story began over half a century ago in Jalisco, Mexico, when the legendary Tequillera Newton created a unique tequila at the request of our founder Nitzan’s oldest friends, his grandparents.

70 years and three generations later, we decided that the drink deserved to be shared with true aficionados worldwide. Thus began the journey that led to the creation of Satryna.