Arcane Delicatissime
Grand Gold Rum, 70cl

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O Produtor, tasting note published in June 6th 2023

Color: Bright and glistening amber.
Nose: Fresh sugar cane, spices, and dried flowers.
Palate: Round and powerful, with notes of tropical fruits, bananas, spices, green pepper, well-balanced with a woody touch.

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Arcane Delicatissime

A sweet and seductive rum, made exclusively with fresh sugar cane juice.

Profusion, with elegance, richness without being heavy. The tasting experience of an Arcane rum is always special. It’s like a painting where you would never cease to find new elements.

Taste the flavor of fresh sugar cane and the spicy notes of pepper that characterize rums produced on this beautiful island in the Indian Ocean. Experience this unique terroir and journey to one of the paradises of our planet.

Allergens information

Contains sulphites.

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The Arcane Art of Sugar Cane - Mauritius Island

Sugarcane offers an incredible richness of subtle and fresh aromas that are very difficult to preserve after distillation and the aging process. Preserving them is an art that Arcane masters: in a white rum or an old rum, you will always taste, in different versions, the magnificence of the sugarcane aromas, as Arcane rum is always produced from the distillation of pure sugarcane juice.

For over two centuries, Mauritius has been known as one of the best lands in the world for the production of sugarcane and rum. The balance between climate, relief, and soil nature is simply ideal! From the coast to the mountains, the long green shoots of sugarcane invade the landscape.

Thanks to a wide premium range of rum that highlights the flavors of this magnificent terroir, Arcane offers both beginners and connoisseurs a unique tasting moment, reminiscent of the warm hospitality of this paradise in the Indian Ocean.