Red Wine
Touriga Nacional 2018, 75cl

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 Serve at 16º-18º


O Produtor, tasting note published in June 14th 2020

The wine’s nose is very fresh and intense with notes of wild black fruits and berries, and the very marked fresh floral notes typical of Touriga Nacional. In the mouth, the wine is concentrated, hot, showing elegant
but firm tannins. It has a very persistent finish, traditional from the Douro Superior. This wine pairs well with roasted meats and cheeses.

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The wine is vinified in the cellar of our Quinta das Marvalhas in Almendra, in the heart of Douro Superior. Our winery is equipped with the
latest technology and enables complete control of temperature, essential for our region of extreme climates. After grapes arrive at the winery, we eliminate clusters which are not in perfect condition. After total destemming, the grapes are crushed softly and pass through a thermal shock, followed by a period of cold prefermentative maceration of about 12 to 24 hours. The must is transferred to broad and low fermentation stainless steel vats, where the maceration occurs for 8 days at 22ºC. 12 Months in extra fine grain French oak barrels (225L)
12 Months in extra fine grain French oak barrels (225L)

Allergens information

Contains sulphites.

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CARM Vinhos

In the Douro Superior (Upper Douro), wherethe organic cultures of vines, olive oil and almondscoexist with an endangered fauna, ourfamily affirmed our connection to our landthrough the founding of CARM – Casa AgrícolaRoboredo Madeira. These lands, where ourEstates are situated, continue to give refugeto the golden eagle, the fishing eagle, the griffinand the wild partridge, so typical of theslopes of the Douro Superior and are home toa flora of rock rose, juniper, fennel, rosemaryand sour flowers, among other species.CARM Estate farms or quintas comprise over125 hectares of vineyards, 220 hectares ofolive groves and 60 hectares of almond plantations.

Our olive oils are produced and bottled inour sophisticated ecological mills, wheretechnology meets the tradition provided byancient stone mills. All waste is recycled andreintroduced into the land, thus improving thestructure and fertility of the soils of our olivegroves.Each parcel of grapes from our vineyards isvinified, aged and bottled in our own cellarsaccording to the latest technology, while traditionalvats are used for fermentation.We also produce a line of “gourmet” specialtiesand vinegar, organic honey and premium almonds.All products are available directly fromthe CARM premises, in Almendra.

Our products epitomize our passion for the landand our respect for nature. In Portugal, CARMis considered a pioneer of organic agriculture.We show our respect for the local people of ourregion by creating jobs in a traditionally migratoryzone. When tasting a CARM wine, olive oilor “gourmet” specialty, we like you to sharewith us the essence of our homelands, the ancestryof the Archeological Côa-Valley Park, thewild fauna and flora of the Natural Park of theInternational Douro River and our passion forall that our region offers. Our winery and estateslie proudly in one of the oldest and mostnoble demarcated wine regions of the world– the Alto Douro Vinhateiro (the Upper DouroWine Region) – also considered the cradle ofthe best oils in Portugal.


CARM – Casa Agrícola Roboredo Madeira, S.A.

Rua Calabria
5150-021 Almendra