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Flor de Trois
Moscatel Roxo de Setúbal 2017, 75cl
Península de Setúbal

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Flor de Trois

Preserving our history should be like any other obligation. Ancient knowledge, sustained by the empirical knowledge of generations, provides a richer future if we know how to preserve and interpret it. For many years, the Sado has been known for its viticultural appetite, and from it springs one of the best wines in the world, Moscatel de Setúbal. Elaborated and interpreted by generations of producers in the most varied ways, this is a blend of almost everything you can imagine brandies, stages, cellars, woods and years. It’s almost magic…!

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Contains sulphites.

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Because Filipe Cardoso, from Quinta do Piloto, and Luís Simões, from Casa Horácio Simões, were joined by José Nuno Caninhas, winemaker who is part of the Quinta do Piloto team. The idea had been building for some time until it was realised with the wines of 2015. The three friends have particular respect for the Castelão variety, recognising its enormous potential. The blend for this wine is the combination of each one’s personal interpretation, not only in winemaking, but also in the origin of the grapes. Luís Simões’ wine was made with grapes from the mountains, while Quinta do Piloto’s wines have a more marked sandy origin. They were also aged in different woods, so that the diversity was even greater for the design of the final blend. (…)
The three friends speak of it with a sense of sharing. There is a special joy in this project and that can be seen in the pride when presenting it.”

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Philosophy and Identity
We believe that the quality and beauty of wine comes mostly from the vineyard. We intend to practise simple and careful winemaking. These are the fundamental principles in which we believe. We hope to listen to the voice of the earth and the expression of the year, so that, harvest after harvest, we can generate the best that nature gives us. We live the maxim “wine is made in the vineyard”.
As a “family” business, we naturally think long term. We know that our ability to continue producing wine for many years to come depends on a stable climate and a healthy ecosystem. The future of our company rests on the strength and resilience of our local communities and the people who work with us.

“Our identity allows us to work with respect for the environment and in a socially just way with everyone. ”

Portugal’s best sun is matched by the Atlantic climate and sandy soils are joined by the limestone of the mountains, so that in a unique balance we can produce the perfect grapes.


TROIS – Vinhos com Identidade, Lda
Palmela, Portugal