Madeira Wine
J. Faria
10 Years Old Medium Dry, 75cl

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 Serve at 12º-14º

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O Produtor, tasting note published in May 29th 2022

Whatever the degree of sweetness, all the woods have at least 20 grams of residual sugar; the sweetest reach 60 g/L. Its sweetness is balanced by good acidity, and the finish is prolonged when the wines are older.

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J. Faria

According to the story, Madeira wine had as its main mentor Prince Henry the Navigator, who encouraged the growing of the Malvasia Candida grape, from Candia de Crete, on the island of Madeira, which proved to be a success. By the mid-15th century, Madeira wine was already being exported and its export routes included Europe, where it was considered a more refined wine and was even used as a perfume for the court ladies’ handkerchiefs. The prestige of this nectar was such that it is often mentioned in history, in the arts and in the legends of some nations.

Madeira wine, like all wines of its kind, is subject to creating deposit with age, without its quality being affected. It is recommended that it be served carefully, without shaking the bottle.

Allergens information

Contains sulphites.

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J. Faria & Filhos, Lda

J. Faria is dedicated to the production of Madeira wines, fruit liqueurs and distillates based on sugar cane. It has existed for more than 50 years in the market and is recognized as a company of excellence in the markets where it operates.


Travessa do Tanque, 85/87 9020-258 Funchal