Madeira Wine
Verdelho 1973, 75cl

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 Serve at 14º-16º

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O Produtor, tasting note published in April 24th 2020

Spirituality and slightly earthy on the nose, dried apricots and hazelnuts on the palate. Very elegant and smooth. A wine of considerable refinement.

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This very old Madeira fortified wine classified as “FRASQUEIRA” was part of a wine estate of the family that owns this firm. It is produced from noble grape varieties in years of great quality and excellent harvest, with grapes from the best vineyards of Madeira Island. Before bottling, it benefited from a long ageing period in old oak barrels at the recommended temperature in the warehouses of this century-old company. In this way, it was possible to evolve a characteristic Madeira, in accordance with the grape variety from which it originated, and a high level in terms of its structure, aroma and breadth on the palate. We remind you that it is important to let the wine aerate for some time after opening, in order to develop the rich complexity of its aromas. If you only consume part of the wine, the rest may remain in the bottle for many years, and it is possible that it will evolve through this prior airing, not forgetting to use the additional cork to seal it completely. It is recommended that the bottle be kept in an upright position, protected from extremes of cold or heat, and served at a temperature of around 18ºC. If it remains in the bottle for many years it is likely to accumulate some natural deposit, which is a sign of life, and is part of the intrinsic qualities of this genuine MADEIRA. It is advisable to take the necessary care when serving it so as not to cloud it and, if necessary, it may be decanted.

Allergens information

Contains sulphites.

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Pereira D'Oliveira (Vinhos), Lda

The founders of D’Oliveiras were visionaries who saw the true value of Madeira Wine: its ability to improve over time. So they began storing as much Madeira wine as possible, letting it mature slowly in barrels for future generations to enjoy. For this reason, D’Oliveiras is the only Madeira wine company that has bottles and barrels of Madeira wine from the 1850s that can still be traded.


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