Madeira Wine
MCDXIX, 1,5l

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João Paulo Martins, tasting note published in October 15th 2019

Sold in 1.5 litre bottles. All the noble grape varieties of the island are present in this wine. There are two wines from the 19th century (the oldest is from 1863), one from the 21st century (2004) and most are from the 20th century. Green tonality when shaken in the glass, very concentrated and rich, it's a wine to be discovered along the tasting, with dried fruits, honey, light citrus fruits, everything absolutely impressive. The elegance dominates the whole tasting, very complex and where each small tray reveals itself as a real box of surprises, prolonging itself for an interminable end. The very high acidity maintains here a register of enormous freshness. Only 600 magnums produced.

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To celebrate six centuries since the discovery of Madeira Island, Blandy’s is launching this exclusive special edition, designed and developed down to the last detail. The Winemaker’s Selection’ comes from the skill of renowned winemaker, Francisco Albuquerque, and the know-how (and know-how to wait) of seven generations of the Blandy’s family, who have an unrivalled stock of very rare old Madeira wines.

The family got together and all decided that this was the right moment to share this rarity with Madeira wine connoisseurs. Portugal and the discovery of Madeira are faithfully portrayed in the unique packaging, created piece by piece by the skilled hands of those who know how to preserve the most typical and traditional origins and craftsmanship of the region and our country.

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Contains sulphites.

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Blandy´s Madeira

The Blandy family is unique in being the only family of all the original founders of the Madeira wine trade who still own and run their own original wine company. Throughout their long history on the island, the family has played a leading role in the development of Madeira wine and members of the family continue to live in Madeira, maintaining a tradition that dates back to 1811 two centuries of fine wine production.
In 1811 he founded his own business as a wine shipper and merchant in general with his brothers Thomas and George and began to lay the foundations for the family and the island itself with the production of the world’s most famous and unique wine – Madeira wine.
The company soon began exporting wine to the four corners of the world and to places as far as Russia, northern Europe, the Antilles and North America. In order to expand their activities, they also began importing various products from other origins.


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