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O Produtor, tasting note published in July 13th 1905

Juniper, coriander seed, lime-lime, clove, cinnamon, apple
bravo de Esmolfe, mandarin peel, kaffir lime and bergamot, citronella (melissa), cardamom and orange blossom.
Dry gin, with citrus notes of kaffir lime and bergamot. Slight
floral notes and a markedly classic profile. Excellent profile for use
either as a gin and tonic or in classic gin-based cocktails.

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7 years after the development of the original Sharish Gin recipe, the idea arose to create a version of what Sharish would look like if Distiller António Cuco had decided to create it in 2021, with all the knowledge on botanicals and distillation accumulated since 2014.

The original botanicals were, in essence, retained. However, the orange and lemon have been replaced by Tangerine, Bergamot and Kaffir Lime. Some of the distiller’s favourite aromas and flavours have been added: Citron, Cardamom and Orange Blossom. The result was a more classic gin, drier and more complex, with a mix of citrus, floral and fruity notes, just like the most demanding consumers.

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Contains sulphites.

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During a period of unemployment and thanks to an incredible capacity for entrepreneurship, António Cuco went from simply enjoying gin to a true “alchemist of flavours”, being able to create an emblematic and internationally recognised brand.
As inspiration, António Cuco retrieved the smells and flavours of his childhood, such as the Bravo de Esmolfe apple, which his great-grandmother used to give him to eat at the Borba market, and the lúcia-lima, an aroma that reminded him of the tea his grandmother used to prepare at snack time in S. Manços. To these memories she added botanicals, citrus fruits and other ingredients, all from her homeland, to arrive at the final formula of her Gin Sharish