The nominees have already been revealed, the announcers announced and the red carpet is about to be unrolled, we just need to remember some film works to accompany the Oscars ceremony on Monday night (February 25, 2019).

Everyone likes going to the movies and watching a good film, almost as much as drinking a good wine. Luckily the film industry has given us some works with the best of both. So here’s a list of films you should watch with a bottle of wine rather than a bucket of popcorn.

Red Obsession

The title may remind us of an 80’s action movie with Russel Crowe leading a team of brilliant thieves about to break into a museum of ancient art in New York. That’s partly true. Russell Crowe is in the movie but as the narrator of a documentary on China becoming the new big client of red wines. A movie that can teach us a lot; even that China will become the largest wine consumer by 2020.

A Good Year

Again with Russell Crowe playing an important role and Ridley Scott at the helm. Even though this one wasn’t critically acclaimed it’s still a feel-good film; a British investment broker moves to Provence to produce wine. A good way to spend a couple of hours.

Trip to Italy

Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon together again for one more trip. In Italy this time. The scenery, the food and the wine almost overlap the plot. How nice! A movie to whet your appetite and to get thirsty while enjoying the humorous storyline. Time well spent.