How to store wine?

Guardar VInho

One often says about wine: “the older, the better”. It is a pretty sentence, but often a misleading one.

Since we at Vinha believe that wine is meant to be tasted, not contemplated, we focus our range on great wines for immediate enjoyment – there is nothing wrong with instant gratification, we’d say.

Truth be told, only a few wines age right, and most Portuguese wines (nice Ports aside) are meant to be enjoyed preferably in the couple of years following its shelf life. Thinking about saving that nice bottle of Vinho Verde until your 60th wedding anniversary, to enjoy it along with the Crown’s congrats? We strongly advise you to reconsider.

That said, some wines do turn better as they age – not Vinho Verde, though. With those in mind, we provide you with this quick guide for proper wine storage.