The simple habit of drinking a glass of red wine with your meal brings a lot of advantages to your health. Actually, experts even say that a glass of wine with your meal is more beneficial than a glass of water.


Main benefits of red wine

Um copo de vinho tinto à noite, durante a refeição, pode mantê-lo afastado do médico. Este simples acto melhora o seu nível de colesterol e ajuda-o a dormir melhor.

Mas os benefícios não ficam por aqui, este hábito leva:

  • Make you lose weight because it activates a gene that stops the formation of new fat cells;
  • Lead to the increase of endorphins;
  • Lead to palate cleansing;
  • Combat urinary infections;
  •  Decrease systolic and diastolic blood pressure, triglycerides and CRP (C-reactive protein).


Based on studies

A study from the Den-Gurion University from Israel with 224 people who didn’t drink wine aimed to show the benefits of red wine. People were divided into two groups. One of the groups drank 150 ml of wine a day while the other only drank water. This study lasted two years and had surprising results. For those who drank red wine the levels of HDL cholesterol increased and the percentage of beneficial cholesterol was better compared to those who only drank water. Besides that, those who drank wine slept better than the others.


To keep in mind

Excess has negative consequences and wine’s not an exception. Drinking too much wine brings severe consequences to human health and in some cases can lead to death. That’s why you should drink with moderation in order to enjoy the benefits of wine.


It only takes a glass to make your day better.