Quinta do Cerro da Nora

Quinta do Cerro da Nora

Property of Douro Wine Devotion since 1996, Quinta do Cerro da Nora is located 3km from Pinhão, on the left bank of the Pinhão River, opposite to the village of São Cristóvão do Douro.
Initially with about 10 acres of vineyard and 30 acres of bush, several small parcels of different owners were acquired, which were located inside the farm, allowing the vineyard area to grow to 30 acres, totally classified with letter A.
Thanks to its schist soil and prime solar exposure, new vines of Touriga Nacional, Touriga Francesa, Tinta Barroca and Sousão were planted in the early 2000s, where there was only rock and bush.

Douro Wine Devotion’s History

Douro Wine Devotion is a family business focused on the production and trading of DOC Douro and Port wines.
The company is the result of stubbornness and passion of two generations willing to proceed the legacy of their grandfather Manuel, who in 1964 acquired Quinta do Castelinho and started the wine production by traditional methods, and consequently its commercialization.
In 2001, Quinta do Castelinho became a property of Douro Wine Devotion, which already held Quinta do Cerro da Nora. Some ages after, in 2005, the family decided to invest in the complete refurbishment of the winery at Quinta do Castelinho, endowing it with the latest technology to produce exceptional quality wines.
Today, and after several years of producing and bulk selling DOC Douro and Port Wine, the family entered the market with their own brand, reflecting the knowledge and dedication of the three generations. In a nutshell, Douro Wine Devotion is guided by respect and willingness to follow the legacy of grandfather Manuel, producing wines from estates rich in history, sweat and passion.


Red Wine Quinta do Cerro da Nora Grande Reserva 2011
The début wine of the third generation was a surprise and has already gained a lot of good critics…

Cláudia Saraiva Santos (oenologist)
Tasting Notes
Our debut wine, from an exceptional year… We added Touriga Nacional to over 70 years old Vines grapes and staged the wine for 14 months in new French oak barrels.
The result: a wine with a charged aroma of ripe wild berries and spices, with a full body and good mouth volume and well present but polished tannins. A pleasant surprise if drunk as is, but with very promising ageing potential, in which every passing day shows its spectacular evolution.
It is the perfect company for a good meal, with meat dishes and strong cheeses, for example, but above all, it fits perfectly into a good and lively dinner with friends.

By Manuel Carvalho
Tasting Note: 91/100 Tasting Date: 02.07.2016
An auspicious debut of a young winemaker, Cláudia Saraiva Santos, who represents the third generation of producers in the Pinhão area.
A red with the mark of the year in its concentration and intensity, with an expansive aroma of ripe black fruit and spice, good volume of mouth, imposing but polished tannins and an acidity that gives it nerve, persistence and depth.
Good for the table, recommends meat dishes or intense cheeses. It will win with a couple of years of cellar but, at the present stage, it is already a red with class and distinction.”
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