A No Rules Wines, a “no rules” wine company, was born from a passion for the art of winemaking. The goal is to achieve creative enology, without borders or barriers. Founded by winemaker Tiago Macena, businessman António Sousa Martins, and international wine consultant Cláudio Martins, the company celebrates innovation and authenticity.

Wines from Dão with Personality

The project started in 2022 with the aim of producing impressive wines with personality. These wines reflect the unique terroir of the Dão region. Each wine expresses the passion for winemaking combined with the singular characteristics of Dão. The result is bottles that serve as true windows into the history and culture that make this region so special.

“Código” Series: First Irreverent Wines

Código was the first series in this venture of irreverent and distinctive wines. The series consists of “Encruzado,” “Granius,” “Origem,” and “Solstício.” Soon, it will be reinforced with two new wines: “Bical” and “Uva Cão.”

Success and New Harvests

The initial four proposals sold out in just a few months. In May of this year, new harvests arrived. These “reinforced the offer for a demand that the market is absorbing extraordinarily,” says Cláudio Martins.

New References: Terracota and More

In June, a novelty arrives: “Terracota.” These exceptional white and red wines show that “wine borders are merely imaginary lines.” It is possible to make wines in Dão under the IGP Terras do Dão certification using a material unusual in the region, talhas.

However, the good news does not end here. Soon, new references will emerge: “Portal da Estrela,” “Infusão Subtil,” and “Manifesto.”

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