Classic, intense, complex, elegant, and rich—these adjectives fall short in describing Barca Velha, the cornerstone upon which Casa Ferreirinha’s reputation was built. Declared only in truly exceptional years, Barca Velha has, since its creation in 1952, been crafted from selected grapes grown at different altitudes in the Upper Douro, aged in French oak barrels, followed by a long bottle rest.

The newly launched Barca Velha 2015 is the 21st edition in seven decades of this iconic Douro wine. Grace, character, and persistence are some of the adjectives used by the responsible winemaker, Luís de Sottomayor, to describe the wine. However, it was its remarkable aging potential that dictated the final judgment on Barca Velha 2015. “2015 was a short and atypical harvest, but very prosperous in terms of quality, marked by little rain and two heatwaves in June and July, which contributed to the production of very complex wines, with good structure and well-present fruit,” describes Luís de Sottomayor, who has always had “enormous conviction about the destiny of this vintage.”

“Barca Velha 2015 is a wine with a dark ruby color, with notes of cedar, balsamic, forest floor, mushroom, and subtle wild floral and bergamot citrus nuances. The tannin is imperial, the structure is solid as bedrock, the finish is very deep, spicy, and complemented by tobacco leaf notes. With a classic and concentrated profile, it still presents as very young, suggesting a long evolution over time.” – Revista de Vinhos (prestigious portuguese wine magazine).

The release of Barca Velha 2015 is scheduled for June 2024, with priority, as usual, for members of Sogrape’s Clube Reserva 1500. On the market, the expected retail price should be around €850.

A rare wine to taste, to keep, to collect. Soon available at your cellar.

Enjoy your wines!