Red Wine
Oppaco 2017, 75cl
Minho, Melgaço

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O Produtor, tasting note published in July 28th 2018

Ruby colour, fresh and fruity aroma, it has an elegant, long and consistent flavour. Fermentation occurs simultaneously with Vinhão, Alvarinho (15%) and Pinot Noir (15%). The overall blend has 30% of wine aged in new French oak barrels.

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A new chapter in the history of Soalheiro and after some previous tests with good results we present with a delicate and elegant profile this new bet of Soalheiro. In the first two harvests the blend was based on the grape varieties Vinhão and Alvarinho with the conviction that the rusticity of Vinhão is partly molded by the elegance of Alvarinho, finding an excellent balance of aroma and flavor, but in the constant search for the best viticultural and enological principles, in order to enhance the expression of “terroirs”, we introduced the pinot noir variety in the blend.
We feel that our terroir can produce red wines with an elegant but consistent aroma and a lighter ruby colour, different from the traditional red vinho verde wines with a heavy colour and young consumption (which are also enjoyable and appreciated with local gastronomy). The Vinhão grapes (synonymous with Sousão in the Douro) that we produce in our region are very special especially because of the concentration in tannins and colour, so it is essential to blend them with other varieties, in this particular case we chose Alvarinho and Pinot Noir, to produce a more restrained and elegant wine.
We tried with this wine to create another way for the red wines of the region without having necessarily added the concept of youth, because we believe that Soalheiro Oppaco is a wine with a potential of evolution similar to the other wines of the range Soalheiro. It was undoubtedly a desire to try different paths in the red wines of the region with the potential that nature offers, allowing our family of wines to include a red wine as well as our DNA… elegant and delicate, but consistent… a red wine made by a white producer.

Allergens information

Contains sulphites.

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Quinta de Soalheiro

oalheiro is the first Alvarinho brand in the northern point of Portugal named Melgaço and one of the first Portuguese producers of Alvarinho. Here the Alvarinho is special, the land is protected by a range of mountains that create conditions of rainfall, temperature and sunshine hours necessary for the best ripening of the grapes. We hope you too will love its vibrant and elegant expression, something we’ve been passionate.


Vinusoalleirus, Lda.

Alvaredo – Melgaço
4960-010 Alvaredo