Red Wine
Anunciada Velha
2021, 75cl

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Margarida Vaqueiro Lopes para, tasting note published in June 2nd 2023

A relatively full-bodied wine, with aromas of blackberries, red fruit jam and pepper, it leaves us with a hint of chocolate when we taste it, but it is the red fruits and some spiciness that stand out the most. That and the acidity of the centre region, which is still present - and which helps to soften Castelão's pronounced personality.

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Anunciada Velha

Manual harvesting, for 15kg boxes. Fermentation began with indigenous and spontaneous yeasts for 36 hours.
Maceration lasted 72 hours, followed by fermentation (alcoholic and malolactic) in 225 litre barrels. The wine was not subjected to any treatments of tartness or protein stability, so that it can preserve all its intrinsic characteristics, transmitting the place from which it comes.

Joāo Nunes

Allergens information

Contains sulphites.

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Quinta da Anunciada Velha

Quinta da Anunciada Velha, a Templar site in Tomar, is the result of several chapters rich in history and stories. Through this estate passed Arabs, Romans, monks, marquises, diplomats, and farmers.

In the 16th century, it was a Capuchin convent, a time when the Manueline tower was built, which would have served as an oratory, and in the 19th century, on the property of the Marquises of Tomar, the first vineyards appeared in Anunciada Velha along with the first wine label.

In a turbulent period of his life, António Bernardo da Costa Cabral, 1st Marquis of Tomar, made the Convent of Christ, nearby, his residence. The Marchioness of Tomar, Luísa Read, his wife, to occupy her time, decided to distract herself by making wine. She hired a winemaker from Burgundy and planted some vineyards at Quinta da Anunciada Velha. It is said that she produced excellent wine. In the generation of her grandchildren, the corks of the remaining bottles of the “grandmother marquise’s” wine, which she had labeled “Château Thomar”, were still being changed annually.

In a later generation, António Bernardo da Costa Cabral da Costa Macedo said that on this Templar land, where telluric forces converge, one should not intervene. Interpretations aside and vicissitudes inherent to the passing times, the vineyards continued. His son Manuel Costa Macedo, to whom the first toast was made with this wine, continued this mission by respecting the land and what Anunciada Velha represents. He left too soon, leaving it to the current owners to do justice to the land and the place.

It is a small project (1000 bottles), and intended to be so, but nonetheless important to Teresa Júdice da Costa and Filipe Caldas de Vasconcellos (a producer with a project in the Algarve, Morgado do Quintão), the current owners.


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