White Wine
Bom Malandro
2022, 75cl
DOC Douro

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 Serve at 10°-12°


O Produtor, tasting note published in July 15th 1905

The stream of aromas includes pineapple, mango, and a touch of plum with subtle notes of vanilla in the background. In the mouth, it presents bright freshness with well-defined crisp flavors of plum and apricot, supported by perfect acidity that imparts great elegance and balance to the whole.

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Bom Malandro

Bom Malandro Branco is produced from grapes grown at high altitudes (above 500 meters), in strategically chosen locations throughout the Demarcated Region of the Douro, where cooler temperatures provide ideal conditions for the cultivation of white grape varieties, effectively preserving the natural acidity of the grapes and enhancing their aromatic components.

The three months leading up to the harvest were among the hottest and driest ever recorded in the Douro, leaving the soils parched. However, it was amazing to see the vineyards in surprisingly good condition, with few showing signs of water stress, a testament to their resilience and adaptability to harsh conditions. We once again surpassed the record for the earliest harvest, starting at our estates on August 22. September brought a significant drop in both daytime and nighttime temperatures, which had a very positive impact on the vineyards, mitigating water stress and providing the necessary conditions for the progression of maturation. It was incredible to see that the Douro endured such harsh weather conditions and yet we managed to produce wines of high quality.

Vinification: After destemming and gentle crushing of the grapes, a brief skin maceration optimizes the extraction of desirable aromatic compounds and precursors. After clarification, the must is fermented in stainless steel tanks, with a controlled temperature between 15 and 17°C. The winemaking process in a reducing environment extends through the subsequent aging period, minimizing the wine’s contact with oxygen until bottling, preserving the primary aromas that are essential in consolidating the overall profile of this wine.

Aging: In stainless steel tanks until bottling. Bottled in June 2023.

It’s not just anyone who’s a “Bom Malandro” (Good Rascal). It’s a “Bom Malandro” who knows.
Knows how to choose – grapes.
Knows how to influence – pals.
Knows how to taste – remedies.
Knows how to savor – DOC Douro white wine.
Knows how to sit at the table – if it’s a feast.
Knows how to drink – if they bring the bottle and it’s more than one.
Knows that only those who go after life have a great life. And that to have a great life, you have to be a good rascal.

Allergens information

Contains sulphites.

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Symington Family Estates

There is a natural affinity between wine and family. Long-term vision and commitment through many generations are essential for the success of a family wine company. A newly planted vineyard takes time to produce great wines and often requires a lifetime’s work to yield best results. The Symington family, with Scottish, English and Portuguese ancestry has been present in the Douro for five generations — since 1882 — and through the current generation’s great grandmother, the family’s links to the wines of the Douro span 14 generations, to the mid-17th century and to the very beginnings of the history of Port.


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