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Selection Rodolfo Tristão #2
Verdelhos from Portugal

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A Vinha, tasting note published in June 28th 2021

Verdelho is grown in the Douro region, where it is also known as Gouveio. It is therefore often confused with the Verdelho variety grown in the Azores and Madeira. The wines produced with Gouveio have an excellent balance between acidity and sugar, and are characterised by high gradation, good structure and intense aromas. They are also wines with excellent bottle ageing potential. On the other hand, Verdelho is one of the basic varieties of Madeira, responsible for the success of the fortified wines of the same name, although, curiously, it was only at the beginning of the last century that it was elevated to the status of a noble grape.

In the distant past, before the appearance of phylloxera on the island, it occupied more than two thirds of the total vineyard area of Madeira. It flourishes on the north coast of the island, at high altitude, offering grapes of remarkable acidity and reasonable sugar content, used mainly for dry and fortified wines. It is on the islands, Madeira and the Azores, that the variety really develops, as well as in Australia where it has acquired a strong international reputation. Verdelho provides aromatic and balanced wines, presenting itself, in the fortified wines of Madeira, as a medium dry wine. The variety has small compact clusters of small yellowish green berries.

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Selection Rodolfo Tristão #2

The selections of our sommelier Rodolfo Tristão bring a new way of looking at Portuguese wines. Based on the unique Portuguese grape varieties, originating from a particular region, Rodolfo Tristão chooses 6 wines from different regions, where this grape variety is also used in wine production. The same grape variety, different terroirs. An olfactory and sensory experience, which leads you to understand each of our original grape varieties. For this Selection #2, these are the ones that have been chosen:

Campolargo Verdelho from the Bairrada Region
Paulo Laureano Verdelho from the Alentejo Region
Quinta da Bacalhôa Verdelho from the Setúbal Region
Verdelho Terroir Vulcânico of the Azores Region
Maçanita Verdelho o Original from the Azores Region
Verdelho da Peceguina from the Alentejo Region

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Contains sulphites.

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