White Wine
Nature 2018, 75cl
Vinhos Verdes

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O Produtor, tasting note published in June 28th 2020

The colour and aroma of Nature is intense and the flavour complex, asking to be discovered with enthusiasm. After all it is a 100% Alvarinho made without the addition of sulphites, with complete alcoholic and malolactic fermentation.

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Quinta de Soalheiro launched the first Alvarinho produced without the addition of sulphites: the Soalheiro Nature “Pur Terroir”, which like the Soalheiro Terramatter belongs to the family of Soalhos Naturales, a totally different Soalheiro without filtration where the Biodiversity in the vineyards is valued. With the bet on these two natural wines, the doors are open to innovation and a new world of taste pleasures previously unknown to us. This Soalheiro may or may not be loved, but it has for us the responsibility to take this variety to the limit in its “Pur Terroir” Monção and Melgaço – the northernmost point of Portugal and the Origin of Alvarinho. Bottling, without filtration, makes the wine in bottle subject to deposit, being this deposit essential for the protection of oxidation, facilitating a stable evolution of this Soalheiro “out of the box”.

Allergens information

Contains sulphites.

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Quinta de Soalheiro

oalheiro is the first Alvarinho brand in the northern point of Portugal named Melgaço and one of the first Portuguese producers of Alvarinho. Here the Alvarinho is special, the land is protected by a range of mountains that create conditions of rainfall, temperature and sunshine hours necessary for the best ripening of the grapes. We hope you too will love its vibrant and elegant expression, something we’ve been passionate.


Vinusoalleirus, Lda.

Alvaredo – Melgaço
4960-010 Alvaredo