White Wine
Special Edition 40 Years
Vinhos Verdes

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O Produtor, tasting note published in April 10th 2022

In two of the bottles the vintages of a cooler year, 2015, and another marked by heat, 2018, both with an alcohol volume of 13%. The first one is still young, fresh, very direct and full of acidity, while the 2018 is more ready to drink, round and voluminous. In the other two, the same vintages but now incorporating each 15% of the other.

It is clear that even being older, the fresher wine will live longer. But now, refreshed by the 2015, the 2018 becomes a fine example of the brand's potential. This is what excites in tasting, this is also why we should applaud the classics.

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Every birth has a story and we don’t know when Soalheiro started. It was already the name of an agricultural plot, due to the generous sun exposure, where in 1974 was planted the first continuous vineyard of Alvarinho in Melgaço. 40 years ago, more precisely on 20-3-82, was born the first brand of Alvarinho Melgaço, the Soalheiro.
The Soalheiro 40 Years Special Edition celebrates the diversity of the Territory and the respect for the unique characteristics of each harvest: it is composed of two blended wines, testimonies of two harvests from different years – 2015 L 15, a cold year and the 2018 L18, a hot year, and two blends proposed by us: 2015 L1518, composed essentially of the 2015 harvest (cold), 15% of the 2018 harvest (hot) and a winery secret, and 2018 L1815, in inverse percentages. A winemaking game that we suggest exploring in blind tastings and with combinations of your own. The labels of these four wines pay homage to the original bottle, in a recreation that carries the name of the founder, João António Cerdeira. Includes a special Solaheiro corkscrew.

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Contains sulphites.

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Quinta de Soalheiro

oalheiro is the first Alvarinho brand in the northern point of Portugal named Melgaço and one of the first Portuguese producers of Alvarinho. Here the Alvarinho is special, the land is protected by a range of mountains that create conditions of rainfall, temperature and sunshine hours necessary for the best ripening of the grapes. We hope you too will love its vibrant and elegant expression, something we’ve been passionate.


Vinusoalleirus, Lda.

Alvaredo – Melgaço
4960-010 Alvaredo