White Wine
Dom Diogo
Alvarinho 2017, 75cl
Regional Minho

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 Serve at 8º-10º


O produtor, tasting note published in May 25th 2018

Alvarinho is a citron coloured single variety wine which fills the mouth with texture, ripeness and a fruity and floral nose, culminating in a harmonious and persistent flavour.

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Dom Diogo

This wine results from a rigorous selection of our best Alvarinho grapes and the perfect communion between technique and tradition. The grapes crop is manual done to little boxes. The grapes are destemmed and then pressed at low pressures. Some selected grapes undergo a brief maceration. The fermentation is done in temperature controlled stainless steel tanks. Before bottling, the wine is filtered and cold stabilized.

Allergens information

Contains sulphites.

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Quinta da Raza

Raza Vineyard has 40 hectares and it is located in Celorico de Basto, in Vinho Verde Region (DOC). The unique terroir is created by the gentle slopes and the magnificent exposure to the sun. The soil benefits from its granite origins with areas of schist and clay. This is very unusual in Vinho Verde Region. In the Vinho Verde Region, Raza Vineyard has a microclimate provided by mountains in the west and the river valley Tamega that, unlike the other rivers of the region does not run from east to west, but from northeast to southwest, which together prevent the influence of the Atlantic winds. Therefore, the weather is less rainy and has greater temperature ranges, this means that our vineyard is subject to more sun than perhaps other vineyards in the Vinho Verde Region, important factors for the development of the vine. Moreover, the average altitude of the Quinta da Raza is 250 meters, which corresponds to the average altitude necessary for the best development of vines. The vineyard has always been the main farming interest due to the importance of the high quality of the grapes produced. These range from Azal, Arinto, Padeiro, Vinhão to Alvarinho, which are unique grape varieties from the Vinho Verde Region. The Raza vineyard won the prize for best vineyard in 1999 at the International Fair of Galiza, Spain, and it was also a prize- winner, in 2002, 2003, 2007, 2009 and 2011 at the Contest of the “Viticulture Commission of the Vinho Verde Region”.


Veade – Peneireiros, 4890-571 Celorico de Basto, Portugal.