White Wine
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Vinhos Verdes

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O Produtor, tasting note published in May 15th 2021

The wine retains the typical aromas of grapes such as lemon and green apple. The colour is a pretty lemon and the palate is very refreshing with a slightly sweet finish.

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Made from the typical white grapes of the Vinho Verde region, carefully vinified to extract the natural aromas of the grapes. They are uncompromising and ideal to consume in moments of conviviality and pleasure, with or without food, for picnics, for the beach, in a healthy outdoor lifestyle. At the table, they accompany aperitifs, light meals and, why not, chocolate ice cream with mint or other summer fruits!

Allergens information

Contains sulphites.

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Adega de Ponte da Barca

Since 1963, Adega Ponte da Barca e Arcos de Valdevez has taken care of a unique viticultural and cultural heritage located in the Northwest of Portugal – a region with over 20 centuries of wine history – acting specifically in a singular territory crossed by the rivers Lima, Vade and Vez.

It currently has around 1,000 members, representing an area of 1,200 hectares of vineyard, mainly in the municipalities of Ponte da Barca and Arcos de Valdevez, where the two main varieties of the Vinho Verde Region are grown: Loureiro (white) and Vinhão (red).

In order to guarantee the richness of its past and the genuineness of its wines, while seeking an increasing increase of quality and innovation in all its products, the Ponte da Barca e Arcos de Valdevez Winery has equipped itself in recent years with state-of-the-art technology in several areas. Today, it has in its vast portfolio, wines, sparkling wines and brandies, with Denomination of Controlled Origin “Vinho Verde”.


Avenida Fernão Magalhães, Agrelos
4980-601 Ponte da Barca