Red Wine
Reserva Especial
Casa Ferreirinha 2009, 75cl

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 Good ageing

 Serve at 16º-18º


93/100  Wine Spectator

18/20  Revista de Vinhos


O Produtor, tasting note published in May 27th 2015

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Reserva Especial

The Wine: Reserva Especial is a magnificent, mature red wine from the Douro, classic in style, complex, rich and charismatic. It was created more than 50 years ago, and remains one of the main pillars upon which the reputation of Casa Ferreirinha rests. It has few peers. Casa Ferreirnha was the first company to make fine, unfortified Douro wines, and today is still one of the main standard-bearers for the region around the world. This wine is made only in exceptional years. A total of only 16 vintages have been declared.

Tasting Notes: Reserva Especial 2007 is intensely coloured, almost opaque. Its delightful aroma is equally intense, reminiscent of really ripe red fruits and black plums. Spices such as cinnamon and clove, balsamic of cedar, tobacco box and “sous-bois” are also evident, allied with very well integrated notes from the barrel ageing. This is a wine of excellent structure, firm tannins of great quality, balanced by good acidity. The great intensity and complexity of this wine give an extremely long finish.

Harvest Year: 2007 was a particularly rainy year during the winter months, and rainfall was again above average in May and particularly in June, most especially in the Douro Superior. This meant that good water Reserva swere established – essential for good vine development. Ripening took place at normal temperatures for the region, in general with high temperatures alternating with some periods of intense rain, with the harvest taking place in good weather conditions. This was an ideal end to the vegetative cycle and promised wines of excellent quality

Winemaking: Reserva Especial was made at the Quinta da Leda winery, which is equipped with the most up-to-date vinification systems. The grapes were selected by hand in the vineyard or upon reception at the winery, and were then vinified variety by variety, or sometimes blended together. They were totally destemmed and gently crushed, then conveyed to stainless steel tanks or robotic lagars (shallow, open fermentation tanks) for skin maceration and the alcoholic fermentation, with intense pumping-over or plunging at controlled temperature. A long post-fermentation maceration allowed additional high-quality components in the ripe skins to pass into the wine.

Maturation: Wines destined potentially for Reserva Especial are transported to Vila Nova de Gaia imediately after maceration, and their «élevage» or ageing takes place during around a year to a year and a half (depending on the blend and the vessel in question) in new French oak barrels of 225 litre capacity. The final blend of Reserva Especial was put together based on a continual selection of the best wines after countless tastings and analyses carried out on the different blends and barrels during maturation. In order to maintain its very high quality, Reserva Especial was bottled without treatment, and thus it is quite natural for it to form a deposit in bottle.

Allergens information

Contains sulphites.

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Sogrape Vinhos

Sogrape Vinhos was born of the will and courage of a group of friends. In the difficult economic and political environment of 1942, they decided to stake everything on the visionary talents of one man. This man had the vision to create and develop an innovative wine company with a difference, one which could make and promote Portuguese wines on a global scale.

This vision belonged to Fernando van Zeller Guedes, whose character and forceful personality paved the way for a successful venture that many believed was doomed to fail from the outset. The unparalleled foresight and vision of Sogrape’s founder, resulted in the creation of the first global Portuguese wine brand – Mateus Rosé. Sold in over 120 countries, this proved to be such a resounding commercial success that it provided the decisive momentum for the growth as well as affirming the leadership of which the Company is so proud. The willingness to innovate and the ambition to do things differently – along with respect for tradition and the values of ethics and responsibility – marked the birth of an organization that has proved capable of preserving its founder’s vision and adapting to inevitably changing times. Today, led by the third generation of the founding family, Sogrape Vinhos is ever more closely dedicated to meeting the founding objective: to bring the world quality Portuguese wine brands, with sufficient volume to satisfy the needs of different market segments.

From the pioneering days of buying barrels of wine from small producers in the Douro for processing and bottling in a rented cellar in Vila Real, Sogrape Vinhos has steadily grown. Continuous investment has expanded and developed the company’s assets and workforce to such a degree that Sogrape Vinhos owns over 830 hectares of vineyards in all the key Portuguese wine regions. Nowadays, the full scope of Sogrape Vinhos is clearly demonstrated by the breadth and weight of its portfolio. At first glance, what immediately stands out is the presence of two major global Portuguese wine brands – Mateus Rosé and Sandeman as well as the prestigious wines of Porto Ferreira and Offley. Added to which are the renowned specialist brands that represent the major Portugese wine regions. Beginning with the most famous Portuguese wine of all, Barca Velha, the pride of Casa Ferreirinha (Douro) and continuing with the elegant wines of Quinta dos Carvalhais (Dão), the vibrant Herdade do Peso (Alentejo), the fresh Vinhos Verdes of Quinta de Azevedo and Gazela, and the multi-regional Grão Vasco, to name but a few.

To tell the story of Sogrape Vinhos it is essential to retrace the origins and evolution of the plan conceived by this visionary man. And then to appreciate how his successors have inherited his values and pursued them with dedication, vigour and expertise to grow and develop Portugal’s leading wine company. Above all, the achievements of such a large team are promoted with pride and sustained by the ambition to innovate and enhance all that Sogrape Vinhos has to offer.


Sogrape Vinhos S.A.

Aldeia Nova
4430 – 809 Avintes
Vila Nova de Gaia

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