Red Wine
Quinta De São Sebastião
Grande Escolha 2015, 75cl

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 Good ageing

 Serve at 16º-18º


O Produtor, tasting note published in May 27th 2016

In the lot, the presence of Merlot is more evident, with notes of chocolate and black plums, in an environment where Sousão falls in the background. The environment in the mouth is very good, with a well-organized tannin structure, volume in the mouth and fresh acidity. It is very harmonious, with a clear gastronomic vocation.

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Quinta De São Sebastião

Cutting the pasta in a mill with a mechanical treader, classic tanning, with prolonged maceration. 18 months in French Oak.
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Allergens information

Contains sulphites.

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Quinta de São Sebastião

They say that under every farm in Arruda dos Vinhos there is a Roman Villa. There are many testimonies of the presence of the Romans in these places, reflecting their passion for the nectar of the gods, not only for the fertility that these lands showed, but also for their geographical location, which made these lands one of the most important routes of the wine routes. It is believed that in addition to the abundance in these landscapes of a plant, the ” arruda ” to which therapeutic and even stimulating qualities were attributed, the name Arruda essentially arises from the words Rota, as the words Road, Route and the Latin rotare, “rotate”, of route also suggest. Wines “. From medieval times, there are many stories of resistance and the ability to pass by the terrible pests that plagued Portugal, saving the inhabitants and also serving as a refuge for the King. if royal families. It is even said that English reinforcements landed in Peniche, called to help in Lisbon the troops of D. António before the army of the Castilian king Filipe II, let themselves be seduced by the cellars of Arruda, arriving in the capital drunk. military successes also followed in this region, first in defense against a large army led by the Sultan of Morocco in 1172. Then, to defend Lisbon from the French Invasions, the well-known tower lines, of which the Moinho do Céu Forts were part, da Carvalha and Infesta, in the area of ​​Arruda dos Vinhos. The French troops came to camp in the Vila, but the resistance was such that they ended up abandoning it, not without first looting everything that was in the cellars. The predominant role it played in the history of Portugal and the capacity to renew the Arruda dos Vinhos , inspires the rebirth of a new era, of a new breath to gain the deserved recognition that these lands have for the creation of wine wealth.


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