Red Wine
2017, 75cl

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 Good ageing

 Serve at 16º-18º



O Produtor, tasting note published in May 27th 2018

Dark Ruby color, with excellent aromatic intensity, highlighting floral notes of violet and expressing aromas of wild fruits. In the mouth it starts in a captivating way, evolved into a balanced wine of excellent volume and structure, where we find soft texture tannins, well integrated with excellent retro nasal sensations of wild fruits. A seductive wine of great freshness that finishes persistent.

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Wine promotions cannot be combined with other discounts or coupons. The 2017 vintage is in the history of Quinta do Crasto as the earliest vintage ever. A winter with low rainfall and mild temperatures meant that the vine’s vegetative cycle began earlier than usual. Precipitation levels remained low throughout the vine growing cycle, leading to moderate water stress and consequent natural adaptation of the vine to these adverse conditions. We started the harvest on August 08 with the first white grapes, a decision that proved very important because we achieved the levels of freshness and natural acidity we wanted. On August 18th we started harvesting red grapes from Quinta da Cabreira, in the Douro Superior, where we have the possibility of watering, which turned out to be fundamental to keep the vines working in a balanced way, thus producing grapes. in perfect condition of maturation. At the end of August night temperatures dropped significantly, which helped to conclude the ripening of the grape. The coming of cold nights and warm days originated grapes in perfect balance, so we started the harvest of the first red grapes at Quinta do Crasto. September continues- or dry, allowing the harvest to proceed in the best way. We also ended the harvest much earlier than usual, more precisely on 19 September. As a general balance 2017 was a year of lower production where the vines had smaller bunches and smaller diameter grapes, with an excellent concentration and an excellent relationship between the film and the pulp. A challenging year for the viticulture and oenology teams, it is essential not to fail on the right vintage date, optimizing the quality to the maximum. 2017 will certainly be recorded in history as a year of exceptional wines. Grapes harvested and transported in 22 kg boxes are subjected to rigorous screening at the entrance of the winery before being destemmed, crushed and transferred to stainless steel fermentation vats where they fermented at a controlled temperature for a period of 7 days.

Allergens information

Contains sulphites.

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Quinta do Crasto

The first known references to Quinta do Crasto can be traced back to 1615, long before the Douro Valley became the world’s first demarcated wine region in 1756. The property is a historic one and is recorded as having been awarded “feitoria” status (the highest vineyard classification of the time) in 1761. The original demarcation was marked with a series of granite markers. One of these markers, called “marco pombalino”, dating back to 1758, is still visible at the Quinta.

In the early 1900s, Quinta do Crasto was purchased by Constantino de Almeida, founder of the famous Constantino Port house. Following his death in 1923, his son, Fernando de Almeida, continued to run the Quinta, producing stellar Port wines.

In 1981, Fernando de Almeida’s daughter, Leonor Roquette, and her husband, Jorge Roquette, assumed majority ownership and management of the estate. With the help of their sons, Miguel and Tomás, they began the process of remodelling and expanding the vineyards and facilities to enable the production of top quality Port and Douro wines. Quinta do Crasto has now reclaimed its rightful status as one of the great family estates of the Douro region.


Quinta do Crasto, S.A.

Quinta do Crasto
5060-063 Sabrosa

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