Red Wine
Grand Reserve 2019, 75cl

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 Good ageing

 Serve at 16º-17º

17/20  Revista de Vinhos


O Produtor, tasting note published in May 23rd 2016

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Brites Aguiar

The Brites Aguiar family hail from and have always lived in the Douro Demarcated Region. They always have been, and still are, farmers. The family home, the farmhouse, is located in the little village of Várzea de Trevões in the municipality of S. João da Pesqueira. The working generation, Lúcia, Paulo and Tomi, while backstage are their parents: Maria Fernanda Costa Brites and Manuel António Pacheco Aguiar. And the youngest generation, Inês, Mariana, and Mané complete and continue the succession of the Brites Aguiar family.


Brites Aguiar, Lda.

5130-520 Várzea de Trevões
S.João da Pesqueira