Port Wine
Quinta do Noval
LBV 2014, 75cl

approx. £16.89


 Good ageing

 Serve at 15º-16º

95/100  Wine Spectator

19/20  Revista de Vinhos


O Produtor, tasting note published in May 28th 2016

The initial tastings reveal lovely dry red wines with intense colour and aromatic power, elegant and well structured. The Ports vinified in the lagares are proving to be aromatic and powerful, an excellent start that suggests the strong overall quality we have seen this year, with some batches potentially worthy of Vintage status. A strong year, with a lot of promise.

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Quinta do Noval

Vintage Ports are declared only in great years (3 or 4 years in a decade) and only when the wines meet Noval’s demanding standards. All the grapes come from the vineyards of Quinta do Noval. The grapes are stepped on foot to obtain the must and then during fermentation macerate to obtain the best possible extraction in the lagares, the traditional stone vats of the Quinta. It aged for 18 months in wooden vats of various capacities.

Allergens information

Contains sulphites.

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Quinta do Noval

Our Vintage Port comes from our vineyard. Our greatest wine, the Quinta do Noval Vintage Nacional Port, from a small parcel at the heart of that vineyard. All our activity is based at our Quinta, in the Douro Valley. Quinta do Noval is the only historic Port wine shipper to bear the name of its Quinta. The identity of Quinta do Noval is rooted in its terroir.

The consistency of style of the Vintage Ports of Quinta do Noval through the decades is one of the particularities of Quinta do Noval in the world of Port. Consistency quite simply because our Vintage Ports come from one single vineyard, a specific and magical place. When you come to know Quinta do Noval, its old and its young Vintages, you will be able to recognize its future Vintages.

The place is so beautiful, so remarkable, that the idea of being part of something greater than us, that existed before us, and will exist after us, is ever present. The notion of continuity is key: our obligation to the past, our responsibility for the vineyard and its wines today, and our obligations to the future generations who will tend the vineyard and make wine there as we do today.


Quinta do Noval Vinhos, S.A.

Av. Diogo Leite, 256
4400-111 Vila Nova de Gaia