Entering the wine world can be quite challenging. Our mouth needs time to get to know different flavors, and it is not always easy to choose the best wine from a range of existing offers. But don’t worry! This list will help you select the ideal wine for beginners!


The important thing is to start this process with wines that will help you discover you own taste when it comes to wine! You should start your experience with some light, sweet, not so acid and low tannin wines. Wines with these characteristics are easily enjoyed because they don’t tend to leave an astringent taste in your mouth, which could create an unpleasant sensation a it will damage your experience with wine.

This way, your palate will learn to appreciate different flavors and later will be able to advance to more elaborate styles of wine.


Ideal wine types to start your journey:

  • Riesling: an elegant wine with a distinct fruity flavor that is very appreciated for being light-bodied;
  • Chardonnay: a dry wine that is not very acidic with a quite fruity flavor, showing some melon, mango and apple tastes;
  • Syrah: despite having a slightly spicy taste, syrah wines are distinguished by their strong fruity flavor and are characterized by being soft and inviting;
  • Pinot Noir: ideal for starting red wines, as it is known for being light, low on tannins and, even being a dry wine, it has intense aromas of berries, strawberries and cherries.
  • Cabernet Sauvignon: a slightly richer and acidic wine, with aromas of tomato, spices and cedar wood. This type of wine is a bit more intense and may not be immediately adored by beginners.

After experiencing each of these wines, you are ready to expand your horizons and taste more complex wines!