Wine styles

Unfortunately it is not as famous as Cognac or Armagnac, but the third of the only 3 demarcated regions in the world for brandy production is Portuguese. Its name is Lourinhã.

Wine Brandy

This type of brandy is made from wine distillation. Because of its characteristics, it has a huge aging potential and, when old, it becomes more tasty and with a more attractive color. Not only is used to fortify various wines (Port and Madeira Wines) but is also very appreciated to have with a cigar.

Grape-marc Brandy

This type of brandy is obtained from distillation of the grape’s marc (the solid remains of grapes after being pressured to make wine; contains its skins, seeds and stems). In Portugal, it is often consumed as a digestive or after having coffee, always at temperatures around 16ºC.