Vinha wants your Valentine’s Day to be unforgettable and so we leave here a script for wine lovers – as we are – to prepare the perfect day!

Every day we feel happy to have our loved one by our side, but the 14th of February is a special time to demonstrate it even more. Especially the lazy men!

Men: Start by getting your lover at work; Surprise her! But first pass through your house, to go get her makeup bag, so she can refresh herself a little bit, or you may end up hearing the phrase “I’m not going anywhere like this!” Do not ruin the plans early on.

Pre-dinner: Take her for a walk on the beach or to the park and sit down to have a little chat – as long as it does not rain, of course. Offer her the first gift: a fresh white wine that she adores, personalized with a postcard of your own. Listen to your partner and nod with your head. Show that you are interested, tell her that the company where she works would be nothing without her, make her feel special – after all, it’s true; Life is always better in her company!

Dinner: Choose a good restaurant with a good view. Order a plate of red meats and accompany with a full-bodied red wine and another postcard with a romantic message from you. This combination is critical to the success of your evening as it will certainly help her to decompress the stress of the day and make room for a much funny evening.

Dessert: No restrictions. Let her order the largest slice of chocolate cake ever! Do not forget that chocolate is an aphrodisiac – and accompanied by a good sparkling wine it won’t be less.

Post-dinner: As you return to the car, take the opportunity to whisper more eccentrics words in her ear to spice up the atmosphere. For example, “this weekend I want you to go out with your girlfriends while I wash the house and all the clothes” – This phrase stirs up romance like a match in gasoline.

Women: Leave your work with grace! Dazzle all your colleagues and let them wonder how your nerdy boyfriend managed to conquer a woman so powerful as you. Be yourself – guaranteed success!

Pre-dinner: While telling him your troubles, touch on his arm or hair. It is well known that men are easily distracted. Say you love the white wine he chose, as well as the lame postcard. Note: do not refer to postcard as lame. Make him feel like he’s a true wine connoisseur.

Dinner: Continue to increase your partner’s ego, “this space is beautiful, dear, and this wine is fantastic!” According to the academics, one or two slight touch of legs under the table contributes to enhance the male’s self-esteem, so do not hesitate to do so.

Home: Now it’s your turn to surprise him! With a sexy voice, tell him something like “I will be in our bedroom waiting for you, but first you have to find your gift, it’s hidden in the living room.” As for the gift, what would be better than a beautiful Vintage with a message written by you?


The plan is this, but we have to alert to a risk: very often the man take to long to find his gift, and when he finally go to the bedroom, the woman has already fallen asleep. Unfortunate: a shoot over the goal. But it is a failure? All this effort for nothing?

Don´t worry: Vinha’s plans never fail. The next morning, when you wake up and realize the smile of your beloved, you will understand that what you have achieved is a victory for the 365 days until the next Valentine’s Day. And the celebration begins right away on the 15th!

PS: Do not forget that this plan only works with the Vinha’s wines! Make your order until the 7th February and you can add a personalized postcard. See how in the video ;)