Christmas is almost here, and you still have no idea what to get to you wine lover friend? Don’t worry! Here you can find the ideal wine for any kind of person.


Offer SANGIOVESE to your sharp friend.

The sincerest friend you can have. He cannot stand still. His daily routine is not a routine e everyday he is interested on a new thing. Always aware of others and, if needed, he is capable to fix any situation – the real Macgyver of the group.


Offer TEMPRANILLO to your organized friend.

That friend that keeps his feet on the ground and has no problem in taking immediate decisions. Extremely organized and methodical, loves to have a routine and to find logic in everything. The best at managing money at Monopoly games.


Offer SYRAH to your visionary friend.

Your shrewd, decisive and organized friend. Stands firm to his values, that allow him to keep all his life decisions. Likes to understand others and their reactions.


Offer CABERNET SAUVIGNON to your determined friend

That friend that doesn’t like people. His group of friends is small because other people bother him. He acknowledges the way the world works and makes great things happen. He enjoys big, flashy things. He challenges himself too much, which in return makes him evaluate everyone around him with very high standards.


Offer CABERNET FRANC to your loyal friend

Your idealistic, curious and ready-to-fix-all-problems friend. He sees other people’s potential and easily adapts to different scenarios, except those that go against his values. All in all, his world is incredible!


Offer PINOT NOIR to your philosopher friend

The friend that gets bored easily except with abstract theories. Develops logic explanations for everything that happens. He is not the biggest fan of people, becoming critic of those around them. Very analytic when it comes to solving problems.