The best nectars to refresh yourself at the best Summer moments. The refreshing wines selections for the warm weather in 2018 Summer looks like it’s finally on the way and that’s why we want to show you how and where to drink the best fresh wines!


Summertime begs for a light fresh salad. It goes with a Light or Aromatic White, which is typically refreshing and brings out the traditional flavours of a salad with vegetables, fish, seafood or even eggs. We suggest: Porta 6 Branco, Muros Antigos, Principal Tete de Cuvée


Refreshing Wines for the Sunset

When the sun sets, the wine must be cool, light and easy to drink. There are no flavours to highlight. There’s fun, socialising, relaxing and an opportunity to enjoy the wine itself. There are funnier wines to drink than others, our suggestions are: Mateus Rosé Aragonés, Casal Garcia, Lambrusco Di Gasparosa Castevetro


Water in the Sea, Refreshing Wines on the Beach

Nothing says Summer like picnics and a swim in the sea. It’s all about relaxing and having a good time with friends. But it’s also about tasting good wines. The wine selection clearly depends on the picnic food (or vice versa as we believe). Some of the best wines to take to the beach are: Vila Real Colheita, Pouca Roupa, Quinta de la Rosa

Summer Parties

Summer also means a break. A chance to stop the routine and the work. It means beach destinations, long nights and unforgettable parties. Sparkling wine and champagne with corks popping every minute and refreshing wines in every glass. Party everywhere with these sparkling wines: Fita Azul, Murganheira, Bottega