Quinta do Cabriz
The best is yet to be opened....

In 1990 the first harvest of Quinta do Cabriz took place, The vision of the founders of the brand, was to bring life to Dão.

In 1993 the first stone of Quinta do Cabriz, marked a dream coming true, not only for its symbolism, but also for the milestone on the path that led the brand to globalization.

From that moment on, the brand became specialized and modernized, giving more visibility to the wines produced with the best technologies in the market until today, becoming the leading brand of Dão and the most sold in the world in this region.

Cabriz tells a story that was born in Dão, in a journey through the heart of Portugal, the lands, hills and people, presenting a wide portfolio that seeks to meet all segments and moments of consumption. Always following the same principle: to give our customers, wines with great relationship, price-quality. From perfect wines for your day to day life. As the selected harvest (red, white and rosé), to more premium wines, such as white and red reserve.

Cabriz also offers wines that follow the latest consumer trends, with two organic wines (white and red) and two varieties of the famous Touriga Nacional do Dão: a young red wine and a creative white wine made with this red variety.

Cabriz Touriga Nacional white was launched in 2017 and shows the brand’s innovative personality, it was the first Portuguese white wine produced from Touriga Nacional, Dão’s main variety. The brand’s portfolio is complete with a variety of wines and sparkling wines, characteristic of the brand and the region, a fortified wine of limited production.