Portugal is full of history, rich in historical landmarks and monuments. Many are wrapped in myths and legends and many others in ridiculous situations and curious tales. Discover some of the most iconic monuments in Portugal:

Convento de Cristo – Tomar

The Convento de Cristo in Tomar is a compendium of art and history, a Manueline architecture’s seminal work, and therefore a UNESCO World Heritage site. From all the Portuguese monuments this is the most mysterious one and it’s full of historical legends. This building is closely related to the Knights Templars and that’s why some people say the Holy Grail is kept here. Definitely a historical treasure to explore.

Templo Romano de Evora

Frequently called the “Templo de Diana” – this association to the goddess of the hunt only started in the 17th century. Actually, it is believed that the temple was built in honour of Emperor Augustus. This is currently the only existing trace of the Roman Forum that once existed.

Santuário do Cristo Rei

This point on the banks of the Tagus cannot be ignored, a work that’s relatively modern. Built in 1959 as a demonstration of faith and religiosity as well as a demonstration of the Estado Novo’s megalomania (the Portuguese authoritarian regime) and one of the foundations of that Portuguese period. In Almada, with arms wide open to Lisbon, the monument is 113 m above Tagus’ level and 110 m high. This terrace has the best view of the city.